Welcome to SoaringTools.Org – let’s make the sport better together!

Welcome!  Right now we’ve got several people on our team and ready to add more!   Take a look around, try the tools, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or problems or suggestions.  If you have great tool, please join us, let us host it for download.  Interested in writing an article on Soaring instruction, let us know.  We also want to support French, Spanish, and other languages.  If you’re a native speaker we welcome your help!

Our Mission & Goals:

  • Increase the number of glider pilots! How do we make instruction better? One big hurdle is  ‘First Solo.’  We all remember that.  It gave us the confidence we could do it! The SSA reports a lot of people aren’t getting to solo, let’s change that.
  • Encourage use of Condor. With the advent of photo-realistic scenery it’s easy to show the student the local traffic pattern and landmarks.  We can do a free landscape for your club, just complete this request form It takes a while to get used to how things look from the air — let’s do that sitting on the ground!
  • Promote use of the Mach 0.1 Simulator and other simulators. Used by the USAF Academy in their soaring program — the cadets usually solo in twelve flights!   Keeps them motivated early and ready for transition to powered aircraft.  Yes, it costs a few bucks. But you get three newbies past solo and flying as members — it paid off!
  • Help clubs manage their membership, aircraft, and scheduling. It’s a big hurdle and many still use paper/spreadsheets or a collection of separate software packages.  FLY is a FREE package developed for Club use (see demo here).  Now an Open Source project on GitLab.  Let us know if you can help in further development and we do offer assistance in installation.
  • Work together and keep things FREE!   One of our members is a senior software engineer, brought up using Open Source software like Linux.  Some software tools used in Soaring can have annoying bugs, quirky behavior, bad documentation, and sometimes just don’t work very well!   The more people on the team, the better.

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