Request a FREE Landscape for your Club.

Many folks find the default ‘Slovenia’ landscape for Condor 2 not very effective for local training.  We have definitely found that using a landscape of your actual local area, with your runway, your trees — significantly increases usage.

We’re happy to offer a free service in creating a local high resolution photo-realistic landscape of your local flying area.  Just complete the form below.    If you’d like something larger you can download our tutorial and make your own.  Feel free to contact us if you need help with that process.

Landscape Request Form

A Condor 2 scenery is made up of ’tiles,’ each tile is a square 23 km/14 miles on each side.  We’re happy to create up to a 56 tile scenery, a rectangle 7 x 8 tiles, or 98 x 112 miles, about 11,000 square miles.  The form below will ask you for the latitude and longitude of the Northwest corner (upper left) and Southeast corner (lower right) of the landscape.   We recommend you use the Google Earth PC application for taking measurements and getting coordinates.

The other questions are self-explanatory…

CAUTION: the last 1/4 tile on the landscape border is not flyable (the glider will still fly, but never reach the edge). Make sure to keep any airport at least 4 miles from the edge of the region.

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    Landscape Info:
    Northwest corner:
    Southeast corner:
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please enter lat/lon as decimal degrees, e.g. 52.504167 for 52 degrees 30 minutes, 15 seconds North. We have automated tools that process requests, DO NOT use degrees/minutes/seconds.

    Airport Info:
    Your primary airport name:
    Your primary airport code (if assigned):
    Your preferred runway for takeoff:

    If your runways are not well defined/dirt/grass, please supply the lat/lon of runway center.