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There is a lot of Open Source and FREE software out there to help folks in the Glider Community. XCSoar is one of the finest examples of a well documented and useful product. Improving training is always an important topic.  Condor, simulators, and a solid syllabus always help.

Many tools are a bit obscure and very hard to use with little or no documentation. We hope to change that by providing an open repository of public domain tools and tutorials.  Some Clubs have done great things with training, we also want to share their experiences.

Your help and participation is welcome!   Please feel free to Contact Us!

About John Murtari 2 Articles
John is a USAF Academy Graduate and has a Bachelors in Astronautical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science from Syracuse University. He was USAF T-37 jet instructor pilot, has a CFII multi-engine, and now really enjoys gliders and is working toward a CFIG. John does contract Software Engineering. He is also very, very involved in Family Rights.


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