About Us

Most of us are Glider pilots, but we come from a lot of different backgrounds. We all feel we can improve the sport thru better software, documentation, and tutorials.

You’re welcome to join us.  We’re happy to host and promote your software/tutorials, check here for contributor info.   Current contributors in alphabetical order:

  • Nick Bonniere – Lives in Ontario (CANADA).  Has his own ship and 4900 hours, 3 diamonds, and spends about 50 hours each winter flying Condor.  He’s done a lot of work on a landscape tool called Condor_tiles.  It provides a lot of help in photo-realistic scenery creation.
  • Jiří Brožek Lives near Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC). Flightsimmer since 1995, provided the Z-226MS tow plane models for both Condor 1 and 2, the L-13 Blaník glider model for Condor 2, author of the Condor Landscape Guide and multiple utilities for Condor scenery development (UTMtools, WaterAlpha, AirportMaker…). Apart from Condor also provides minor help to the development of the Boeing 737-800 ZiboMOD for X-Plane.

    Started gliding in the real life in 2004. Inactive for few years now, but luckily manages to enjoy at least some dual-seat gliding with instructor every once in a while.
  • Allen Cherry – Lives near Essex (UNITED KINGDOM). I had my first flight in a glider at the age of 8, and the memory of that flight has never faded. So, when I retired at the age of 65, I looked around for gliding clubs and found ‘Essex Gliding Club’ were giving a ‘Fixed Price to Solo’ offer, so I paid the money, and bought my glider even before I had actually ‘gone solo’.

    My two-seater ‘Marianne’ (Centrair C201A) is now well used by Essex Gliding Club for cross-country training, and gives me a lot of enjoyment. I have been using my 40+ years of electronics, programming and engineering experience to help the club with many projects – the simulator being just one. Happy to help anyone else, so you can learn from my mistakes! 
  • Philippe Duclos – Lives in Paris (FRANCE).  Contributed two programs,  Condor Check & Condor Scenery Check.  He’s a Senior Project Manager for a large corporation and has worked as a Unix Systems Engineer, QA Manager, and production manager.  Flew gliders until the mid 80s, now enjoys flying simulators.
  • Alistair Green – Lives in Nottingham (UNITED KINGDOM). I had my first flight in 2003 with the Oxford University Gliding Club, and ended up graduating with a BGA Gliding Certificate in addition to a Master of Chemistry degree. I then moved on to the University of Nottingham, where I earned both a PhD in Physical Chemistry and a BGA Bronze Badge.

    In 2011 I entered the “real world” as a software engineer, and I have carried on flying at various gliding clubs since then. Bored in a hotel room one night during a business trip, and frustrated at not having any program to read an IGC logger trace, I decided to try creating my own. The result was JSIGC.
  • John Murtari – Lives in Lyons, NY (USA). A former USAF T-37 jet instructor pilot.  B.S. in Astronautical Engineering from the USAF Academy and a M.S. in Computer Science from Syracuse University.  Worked as a software engineer. His military experience allowed him to earn Commercial, Instrument, and CFII certificates.  He recently earned his glider Commercial and CFI-G ratings.  Works on the website and FLY software package.
  • Joe Somers – Lives near Rochester, NY (USA). Former United States Navy jet engine mechanic.  B.S. Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of  Technology.   Worked as an engineer at Eastman Kodak.  Joe has a lot of background in CAD/CAM and had his own business. Currently has a private glider.  He works on airport setup/surface structures after a scenery is created.