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Using the Mach 0.1 Sim – A Season of Change

August 26, 2020 Mark Olinger 0

I learned of Condor while attending the 2010 SSA Convention when I saw a never-ending line of attendees waiting for a chance to try it. As I stood aside and watched I was taken by the enthusiasm it evoked. I bought a copy on CD for our club for $60, […]

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Essex Gliding Club – built an advanced glider simulator.

August 3, 2020 Allen Cherry 0

Intro (by John Murtari) At the Essex Gliding Club, Essex, England, it helps to have an experienced engineer as a member.  Allen Cherry helped the Club build a commercial quality simulator that includes 5 projectors for surround video, a complete cockpit and controls, and magnetic actuators that simulate the vibration […]