Tutorials & Guides

Probably the biggest problem with FREE software is poor documentation and very little tutorial support.  Many times the material that is there assumes TOO much about your background.   We do supply links here to other sites that have useful material.

For the Grade A stuff we’ve produced, go to our Downloads page.  The tutorials there assume very little and we test them on people with no background in the area.  We also welcome your comments/updates and are happy to give you credit for your help!

  • What’s needed to run Condor? – You have a lot of options, this just lays out the basics.
  • How to install a new landscape – Installing your first custom landscape can be confusing.  This takes you thru the process step-by-step.
  • Condor Keyboard Shortcuts –  One page, very handy next to your monitor.
  • How to setup XCSoar – Some quick links to help you use a great application that can run of a cellphone or table.
  • Condor 2 Scenery Creation
    • Condor Scenery Tutorial –  It’s actually not that hard to create a photo realistic scenery of your local area.   This uses satellite imagery and height data.  It looks pretty good from the air.
    • Detailed tutorial on Airport creation – The Condor Soaring site had some good documentation.  We can highly recommend the tutorial on Airport creation by Xavier Delaborde.
  • Open Source Licensing – Allows you to share the source code for your software with others, maintain a copyright, and insure everyone benefits from changes made to the code.  A great example of this is XCSoar!
  • FLY Club Flight Management Software –   Helps clubs manage their membership, aircraft, and scheduling. It’s a big hurdle and many still use paper/spreadsheets or a collection of separate software packages.