FLY – A Free Membership & Scheduling Package

FLY is an open source membership and scheduling package targeted to the needs of small flying organizations.  It runs on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) software stack which is commonly available and can be integrated into most existing websites. It is not meant to replace the existing site, just to supply additional management features.

PURPOSE:  Most small flying clubs have a simple website, but can’t afford an integrated membership/flight management system.  They either make due with simple paper tracking, email, and phone calls, OR find a free/inexpensive software that meets local needs.  This often results in separate software/logins for membership, aircraft status, duty assignments, and flight scheduling .… and there was much frustration and lack of use by members.

PROVIDES:  An integrated system which ties together membership info, aircraft MX status, access privileges, email lists, and performs notifications.

  • A single login Control Panel where members can view their details,  photos,  and contact info on other members.  Regular members may update their contact info/photos simply.  Members with more ACCESS privileges, such as instructors, can update aircraft checkout info and other data.
    (Click on the thumbnails for a larger image)
  • Information on club aircraft, manuals, maintenance status is available on one page. NOTE: by using the link you will see ‘public’ info.  A member logged into the website would see more detailed information on maintenance status, registration and inspection info.
  • An easily updated schedule of Club Events.
  • Easy to access flying schedule showing any work duty assignments and also aircraft reservations.  The system has a built in reminder system which sends out email alerts with convenience links that allow a member to ACKnowledge receipt.   Members (if logged in) can make updates and trade assignments without requiring any administrator action.Some example emails:
    • Reminding a member 3-4 days before a scheduled duty or flight reservation.
    • Alerting a coordinator that a member(s) have not acknowledge a reminder. These are sent in summary form 2 days before a scheduled duty or flight reservation
    • Alerting an instructor that one of their students has not acknowledge a reminder. These are sent in summary form 2 days before a flight reservation
    • Message to all members – the day usually before weekend flying.  Reports the status of all assignments.
  • Private mailing list that are automatically updated with changes in membership

TRYING IT OUT:   Contact us and ask for a login and password.  Check the video below for a quick 10 minutes review of the features.

DOWNLOADGo here for a simple download or use git.